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Low Deposit Home Loans

Better at spending than saving? You could still get into a home of your own.

It’s easier than you think to become a homeowner, just ask us about low deposit home loans! It’s no secret that lender’s ask new homebuyers to jump through plenty of hoops when it comes to buying a home, but even if you don’t have a deposit saved away or evidence of genuine savings over a period of time, we can still help.

Here’s a few scenarios that might see you moving into your very own home sooner than you think:

  • If you’re a first home buyer you could use the $10K First Home Owners Grant as your home deposit

  • You can use your rent history instead of genuine savings to get a loan

  • Your parents can help you out with a guarantor loan

  • If you’ve come into some cash you can use it as a deposit


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