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A loan with a deposit as low as 2%, no lender’s mortgage insurance and no genuine savings required? Achievable!

Keystart is a West Australian government initiative that focuses on making it possible for everyday Australians to get into their own homes sooner (they’ve helped over 100,000 people so far).

With lower entry costs and plenty of perks, this low deposit home loan is the perfect way to get started on your home building journey!

We can guide you through that entire process.

Why Keystart?

There’s a lot of great reasons to consider a Keystart home loan.

  • Low deposit, no savings

    With Keystart you don’t have to have been setting money aside, genuine savings aren’t required. If you’ve lucked into some extra cash, been given a gift or if you’re eligible for the $10K First Home Buyers Grant, you’ll be able to use that towards your deposit. And unlike other lenders that require 5, 10 or even 20% deposits you can secure a Keystart loan with a deposit as small as 2%.

  • Don’t pay LMI

    You can avoid shelling out extra cash for Lender’s Mortgage Insurance with a Keystart loan – it can save you thousands!

  • Everyone’s welcome

    If you’re thinking that only first home owners can get in on the Keystart action, think again! Keystart can help you make your home buying goals achievable even if you’ve bought a home in the past.

Do you qualify?

The Basics:
  • You must over 18 years of age
  • You’re must be looking for a home to live in – not to rent out
  • You are an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • You live in WA and want to build or buy here
Income Limits:
  • Single $105K (Max Income)
  • Couple $130K (Max Income)
  • Family $155K (Max Income)

Ready to get started? Enquire now and find out what you need to do to apply.


Ready to get started?

Enquire now and find out what you need to do to apply.