First Home Buyers Grants WA

Buying your first home is a huge achievement, and it can also be a huge investment. Luckily, there are a number of grants available to help you get into your first home.

What is the First Home Owners Grant?

The WA First Home Owners Grant was introduced as a once-off payment to help eligible home buyers to buy or build their own home. The $10,000 payment can be used towards the down payment of your new home and doesn’t ever need to be paid back.

The First Home Owners Grant is only for first home buyers looking to purchase or build a home as their principal place of residence (it’s not available for people purchasing an investment, or established property).

At Achievable Homes, our knowledgeable team of experts can help you find out if you qualify for the First Home Owners Grant. We’ll be there to look after the application for you and guide you throughout the entire process. If you’re ready to get started on the path to owning your own home, then get in touch today!


Do I qualify for the First Home Owners Grant?

To qualify for the grant you’ll need to meet the eligibility requirements below;

You must be 18 years or older

You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident

You and your spouse cannot have owned a residential property in Australia prior to 1 July 2000

You must occupy the property as your principal residence for continuous periods of 6 months, within 12 months of settlement or within 12 months of the completion of your home

What are the grant limits?

Some limits do apply to the value of the property you can purchase when you receive the First Home Owners Grant, but don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of house and land package options available that are eligible for the grant.

The caps on the total value of the home and land depends on where you plan to build your home. For homes built within the Perth metropolitan area (which falls South of the 26th parallel), the value of your property cannot exceed $750,000. Homes built north of the 26th parallel must not exceed $1,000,000.

Stamp duty concessions

If you’re eligible for the First Home Owners Grant then you might also qualify for stamp duty concessions. First home buyers are exempt from paying stamp duty for homes under $430,000. To find out more, get in touch with us today!


Building your first home means you’ll be eligible to access a range of grants and concessions that are not on offer for established property, like the $10K First Home Owners Grant. It also means you’ll get much more control over the location and design of your new home because you’ll get to choose the suburb of your dreams and choose a home to fit your exact specifications. Additionally, owning your own home means that you’ll be gaining equity in an asset that you own, rather than paying off your landlord’s mortgage which makes it a great long term investment. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and get started on your home ownership journey. 

Figuring out how much you can borrow as a first time home buyer is the first step in making your home ownership dreams a reality. How much you can afford will depend on your income, employment status, level of personal debt, credit record and any assets that you might own. Try our home loan calculator to find out how much you might be able to afford.

If you receive the First Home Owners Grant, you’ll need to complete an application and submit it to the State Revenue Office. We’ve partnered with WA finance experts who can look after the application for you, get in touch to find out more.

The amount you’ll need to save for a deposit will depend on the total cost of your House & Land package and your specific loan arrangements. There are numerous different loan options available to suit different lifestyles and budgets, including low or even no deposit home loans which may allow you to purchase a home with $0 savings. Eligible first home buyers may also be able to use the $10,000 First Home Owners Grant towards their deposit. Speak to our finance experts today to find out how much you’ll need to have set aside for a deposit, and which home loan option is best for you. Get in touch with us today. 

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